About us

BIM Pro was conceived with the mission to embrace technology and experimentation to create, develop and improve Building Information Modeling techniques applied to architecture and engineering. In concert with our clients, we strive to advance methods of bringing dreams into reality and designs into structures.

In a fluid discipline of new and evolving technology, projects have become more sophisticated, detailed and complex, demanding deliverables faster, and results quantitative to stockholders. BIM Pro’s experiences have aided our complex understanding of the creative process in today’s AEC practice. It has afforded our clients an advantage of combining past successes with visionary new technology and thought processes to maneuver the environment of continual revolutionary and visionary designs.

BIM Pro is a SF-based world-wide team supporting forward-thinking companies in adopting latest technologies while creating a better tomorrow.

Our network of professional engineers, architects, designers, and coders, work in symphony to create sophisticated and unique BIM services, training and experiences.

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Our Services

We identify new ways to connect and configure client workflows by strategically aligning future vision with AEC needs.

BIM Management

BIM Workflow & Strategy BIM Auditing
BIM Validation
BIM Interoperability
BIM Execution Plan

Implementation & Adoption

Custom Family Development
Custom Project Template
BIM Standards Implementation
BIM Adoption Process & Pilot Project

Modeling & Simulation

3D Project Modeling
Existing Condition Modeling (Point Cloud)
Parametric Modeling
Climate Analysis Energy Loads
Sun & Shadow Study Solar Loads
Wind Analysis Lighting Analysis


Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Drawings
Construction Administration
High Efficiency Quantity & Scheduling

Scripting & Automation

Database Management/Manipulation
Computational Design
Visual Programming
Visual Basic Application

Education & Support

Group Training
One to One Training
BIM Technical Support
Best Practice Consultation

Our locations

San Francisco



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Write us an e-mail via the form, or just send us an e-mail directly at info@bim-pro.com

Work With Us

We are always looking for new technology-minded people with great interpersonal skills and inner drive. If you want to be exposed to some of the best preeminent visionaries in the AEC industry, send us your résumé with your portfolio (max 3MB).

Our work is grounded in a multidisciplinary approach and supported by expertise gained from years of experimentation and refinement.

Curious about our development and researches?